"I had some water spots in the yard. It worked real well. I'm really pleased. I haven't had any more trouble since I started using it."

B.C. (Georgia)

"We have only used Septal twice so for and already it is a miracle to us compared to all of the junk we have tried. Septal is the only product anyone should be using in their septic tank. Thank you"

C.S. (California)

"After using Septal on my septic system which was overflowing due to heavy sludge, the pump-out man (who I have come yearly) was so impressed that the system was liquid and functioning perfectly that he asked for a pamphlet so he could recommend Septal to his customers."

Mr. R.G. (Massachusetts)

"Very pleased with Septal. We just opened up the tank and found it totally liquified."

C.S. (Ontario)

"The odor was almost continual and was awful. Septal worked perfectly - no more odors."

M.R. (Ohio)

"17 years between pumpouts. You have a very good product."

N.L. (New York)

"Am pleased with the results on a septic field that was plugged up with sludge."

Mr. L.B. (British Columbia)

"Can see grass growing high in areas of the lawn as Septal opens lines."

Mr. & Mrs. A.C. (Ontario)

"This stuff is amazing - it's unbelievable! I had constant problems and after using Septal ... never a problem. It's wonderful stuff!"

Mr. A.N. (Ontario)

"Very effective in keeping down odors in toilets in park."

Park Manager (British Columbia)

"Ordered special for Research Centre because we were having problems ... product worked wonderfully ... solved all of our problems."

Mr. B.C., Plumbing Manager (Alberta)

"Used to have trouble. Have used now for three years and no trouble since. Wonderful stuff!"

Owner of Trailer Park

"Had trouble for years then used Septal - no problems since!"

M.J. (Ontario)

"I never intend to run out of this wonder-working product. I was negligent on looking after the septic system and had to have it pumped out. Things went well for a short time then the same problem occurred. I came across your brochure, read it but did not believe it. It was at the urging (nagging) of my wife that I used it. I still can't believe the results."

R.B. (Nova Scotia)

"Friends of ours started having problems with their system a year ago. I gave them a couple of cups of Septal which seems to have solved their problem. They also ordered a box at that time."

B.S. (Nova Scotia)

"Used Septal to clean a "laboring" pump with a build up of years of accumulated sludge. After a few applications the water was running clearly in the pump. I am sold on the product. Thanks for coming to my rescue."

H.S. (Ontario)

"Had problems and used Septal. It amazed me that the water out of the tile line was almost sparkling clear. Inside the tiles it looked like we had scrubbed it!"

G.P. (Ontario)

"I was having trouble for a long time so I tried Septal - it cleaned up all my problems. The pumper truck man opened the lid and asked: "What are you doing here? This is totally clear."

D.M. (Ontario)

"After 2 years of use, I was pleased to see there was no sludge in the tank."

J.M. (Ontario)

"This stuff is great! Had trouble with toilet flushing - used Septal and never had a problem since."

G.J. (Ontario)

"This is the seventh year using Septal. We looked into the septic tank to find that it does not need pumping out yet. The Septal is working well."

E.R. (Ontario)

"I am very pleased with Septal. I have ordered it for the past 5 years and will keep ordering. P.S. KEEP MAKING IT!"

L.P. (Pennsylvania)


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